(Sorry for the crappy pictures)
So i decided to do a Spring/beginning of summer GIVEAWAY! :)
I went through all of my clothes and other things and i never wear any of these since my style has changed. So instead of being money hungry, i thought to do a giveaway so one of you can have all of these.

*What the giveaway includes* (Not in any order)
Two dresses. The floral print one is a size two from urban outfitters
The pink one is a medium and i cant remember where i got it lol.
One green holister shirt size-small
One pink floral see-through shirt size-small
One diamond supply co. shirt size-medium
One attack attack shirt size-small
One from first to last shirt size-small
One motionless in white shirt size-medium
Three soft leggings from pacsun size for all three is medium
One fox tanktop size-small
Two abstract print tube tops size-small
One pink and purple tank top from American Eagle size-small
Two plaid tube tops from american eagle size-medium
One scarf from Alexander mcqueen
One hippy bracelet
One skeleton hands hair clip

Information: You can reblog this as many times as you want, just be aware of your followers. You know the deal. The winner will be chosen by a generator so its fair. :P
You have to be following me in order to win, and yes i WILL check. My URL is below:

The winner will be chosen on June 1st 2013! After i check that they are following me, then i will get their information and ship it off :) Shipping world wide, also. so anyone can enter! :)

If you have any questions just inbox me <3

Good luck darlings! xxxx

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